Istrian wine is a poetry of taste and fragrance. It is an inseparable part of the Istrian man, his passion and love, his deepest intimacy and most open pride, a lavish gift from the rocky land and abundant sunshine.

The history of wine and of the local people is an inseparable story which has lasted over 2000 years, since the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius brought vines to the warm Istrian soil.

From the golden Malvasia to the ruby Teran, from young light wines coloured by the autumn to the full and elegant flavours of ripe barriques, Istrian wines offer a multi-layered story that has just started to bediscovered.



WINE ROADS The touching beauty of Istria is best discovered with a personal oenological adventure on its wine routes. The arrival at each winemaker’s wine cellar leads through beautiful landscapes that enchant with their tales and old buildings. Each of the winemakers, led by zeal and passion, will awaken the hedonistic spirit of the visitors. He will introduce him to the world of the quirky noble liquid with interesting stories, accompanied by wine tastings and food specialties that enhance the magic in the environment of green vineyards and hot stone.

THE GRAPE HARVEST - At the end of summer, when nature becomes rich in colours, the diligent hands of Istrian people are awarded with abundance. Lush green vineyards, situated on the hills and in the fields, are willing to offer their juicy sweet fruits in the name of the wine symphony rich in colour, flavour and fragrance. Whether you choose the hills and fields of the Umag – Buje vineyards, the fertile vineyards in Poreč, the territory of Pula – Rovinj abundant with  sunshine or the evergreen vineyards in the middle of Istria, be ready for a festival of joy, old values and a warm community that permeates every grape picker. Your hosts, in homesteads (Agritourism), in farm houses or in one of the many holiday homes surrounded by beautiful vineyards, will share with you the unique experience of picking grapes and introduce you to a world of old traditions, togetherness  and to the source of joy.

ISTRIAN SUPA -  One of the central experiences in Istria is definitely the “Istrian supa”. What is “supa”? It is a specialty that consists of hot wine, usually Teran, which is enriched with olive oil, sugar, salt, pepper and a slice of overdone bread. This true scent of ancient times is consumed in a traditional bukal, a typical Istrian jar, during cold evenings, when it invigorates the body and soul. If prepared and served by the fireplace, along with the warmth and joy of a friendly fire, tasted with Istrian specialties such as homemade sausages in wine, pork loin or ham, the supa evokes all the vivid and bright colours of Istria.

 – The well-known Istrian grappa is one of Istria’s major brands. The most famous among them is certainly the grappa with mistletoe – a brandy with mistletoe leaves and fruits of. The recipe for mistletoe grappa was given to the local people in secret by the Druids, the ancient Celtic priests, and since then has been prepared with love and attention. Medica or Medenica is a grappa with homemade honey, sweet and supple. Medenica is drunk cold and is usually a welcome drink in Istria. Also known are grappas with rues, cherries, figs and prunes.


  • The maximum allowed blood alcohol level in the Republic of Croatia is 0.5 %, so if you intend to enjoy the pleasures of wine, find accommodation near the desired wine cellar
  • Other than our quality wines, we recommend you taste the superb Istrian balsamic vinegar and herbal blackberry wine with aphrodisiac properties
  • Martinje, the traditional wine feast, celebrates the baptism of young wines, the tasting of older wines and a rich cuisine with a variety of cheerful and entertaining programs
  • Young wines must be opened several hours before consumption to enable them to “breathe”