You have decided to explore the natural and cultural beauty of our region by yourself? There are various types of vehicles at your disposal. There is also a possibility to rent a child seat.

maliSmall car

Would you like to visit the center of Pula, or you just drive around the neighborhood, the small car is the ideal thing to outsmart the city rush. Istrias narrow streets do not like big cars. The problem of parking is also half the size when you have a smaller car.




srednjiMidsize car

You would like to visit more remote beach or check out to the night life and you need a more comfortable car?

Want to pack for a day out with the family on a remote beach, or you simply want to reach out to a larger car while you visiting Istria, Pula, unexplored coves?

Hire a midsize car and you will not go wrong …




limoLarge car

We offer a service of renting luxury cars. No matter whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you are used to comfortable and luxurious cars. Are you planning a long trip along the coast or just want to get to your destination in style?